Character Trait of Appreciation

Appreciation is recognizing and having admiration on the good character or qualities of someone.

It is expressing your gratefulness, happiness and approval over others and at the same time being thankful of what we have.   According to 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (NIV).” Through being appreciative, you are encouraging and uplifting others by making them feel special and welcome. This is taking your focus off yourself and directing it to a form of giving value to others as it is fueled by our thankfulness to God for all the things He did. Appreciation is also lifestyle that must be built up in us. Continue reading

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How to make your Husband Happy in your Marriage Life

Everyone dreams to have a happy marriage.

Guys engage in marriage because they seek happiness and someone to take care of them. Others would think that is selfish, but everyone wants to be loved and taken care of- that’s a fact. If you really love your husband, you must learn and know how to make him happy. Though he’s not perfect and you may not have that perfect marriage relationship, at least you know how to make him happy. This will save you marriage relationship in ways you will always treasure. Continue reading

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Prayers for your Marriage

Marriage is a sacred thing – a holy matrimony.

Lots of couple get married for reasons that not including God as the centre of it all. However you must know that marriage is a strong bond God made for two couples to become one. Prayer is a powerful act in marriage. We can’t deny the fact that problems may occur along the way, also including sickness and illnesses, stress, and a lot more. Though natural remedy such as communication and fixing the problem can somehow solve it, but there are things that prayers can do and go beyond in your marriage. This is not something to take for granted. Continue reading

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Time Management in Marriage Relationship

Time management in marriage is a vital part in a relationship in order for it to grow and stay long.

Adjustments are inevitable after marriage. There are a lot of responsibilities to take care of and time consuming schedules to fill in. Pressures and stress are gradually rising as time goes by that needs to be coped up with time. However, if you really value your relationship together in your marriage, you will always find ways and means to give time to each other. This will make one feel special and very much appreciated. Manage well your time together to avoid conflicts that may lead to deeper disagreements and would be a problem in the future. Continue reading

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How to Deal with Jealousy in Marriage

Believe it or not, though you are already tied up to forever, jealousy may rise up in your marriage life.

In marriage, you need to make your partner secure at all times. There are a lot of things that you may do that will make your spouse jealous. Never take this for granted though because this will be a root cause of a deeper problem with your marriage relationship. Continue reading

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Suggestions on How to Manage Finances in Marriage

Marriage life involves facing financial needs.

Most of the time nowadays, finances can be the root cause of marriage problems. Though money can’t buy love, it can ruin your marriage life without proper management of it. As early as now, you need to handle it well and face it as a significant part of your marriage life. Continue reading

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What to Plan out after Marriage

Having a plan what to do next after marriage is as important as wanting your marriage life to be a success.

As married couple you both need to have plans after marriage. It is something that you both need to work out. It is always wonderful to know that you have plans and something to look forward to in life. Having a plan with your partner in life will not make your marriage life stagnant but instead it served as a bridge to get you to your goals. Continue reading

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Tips on How to Deal with your in-laws in your Marriage Life

Marriage is known to be a strong bond between your husband and wife together with the family especially the parents.

It has been said when you marry your spouse it includes the parents and the family. Though you will live together with your partner, you can’t deny the fact that family bond with your in-laws are significant in your marriage relationship. In the long run of your marriage life, you will discover deep character and attitudes. Adjustments towards your in-laws are also inevitable. Continue reading

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How to Keep Significant Memories in Marriage and its Importance

Time flies so fast, so as marriage life together.

It’s like one day you’re married and the other day it’s already your anniversary! Every moment counts in marriage. It is important to keep every moment of it significant. You will enjoy your marriage life if you keep you know how to value your wonderful moments together and keep it coming. You start making your own memories together and never take it for granted. Continue reading

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5 Things to Consider in Making Decisions in your Marriage

Two persons become one as they enter marriage life.

There are many things to consider once you get involve in marriage. Making decisions from minor to major ones are one of which. These are important to be considered in marriage life as it will affect your relationship together along the way. Adjustments are inevitable, thus submission and understanding must be given concern as well. This applies to both husband and wife. This may be easier said than done, but practicing and doing this often will make it easy as time goes by. Continue reading

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Tips in Dealing with your Sister and Brother in-laws after Marriage

The moment you get married, it’s not just the husband you are about to adjust with, it also involves your sister and brother in-laws.

You may be surprised with the character they possessed the moment you are one of the family already. It is something to be look forward believe it or not. Never expect that everything will turn out the way you want it to be. Most of the time, it is the opposite of what you expect to happen. However, there are in-laws that are open-minded and minor adjustments are to be made. But there are those with major issues that you need to deal with. Continue reading

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Marriage and Significance of Appreciation

Every marriage needs a two couple living in harmony.

Problems in a home may be inevitable but can be fixed in any other way. There are times as well that the more you two married couples are together for long duration, appreciation becomes negligible. A lot of things are in your mind and a lot of responsibilities to take care of. In marriage too much familiarity without appreciation as one at the center of it breeds or invites disrespect. Continue reading

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A Change of Heart in Marriage

Marriage is a working process for both married couples.

In the long run of marriage a change of heart is as important as a change in character. Change for the better and not for the worst. This will save your marriage life giving you long years together with happiness and understanding. Without a change of heart for both couples, you will endure all the negative sides of each other and will eventually lead to misunderstanding and chaos. This is a sad truth that needs to be dealt with. Continue reading

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Friendship and Marriage Life

Most people say that the moment you both got married, a lot of changes happened and would affect your relationship especially the friendship you both built.

Friendship built before marriage is good. As marriage lives progresses, the friendship you both shared together must stay strong. It would help a lot in terms of your marriage life together. Others that built their friendship before they got married stayed longer. You have known your partner as who he or she is, not only in the physical aspect of life but in the deepness of his or her character as well. Continue reading

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Physical and Emotional Stress in Marriage

Can stress be dealt with in marriage?

Marriage life is reality based. Most of the couples that are at the peak of their emotions to get married jumped out to decide abruptly thinking that it’s like a fairy tale that everything is happy ever after. Well actually the way you carry out your marriage results in either it will be a success or a failure. However, you must know that in every marriage, stress is inevitable. Continue reading

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5 Tips in Dealing with Misunderstanding in Marriage

In marriage, couples encounter different situations to deal with together.

There is no such thing as perfect marriage or perfect couples. They could be ideal, but they can never perfect the ups and downs of marriage life. In the long run of marriage, there will be lot things married couple encounter that may affect their relationship together. One of which is having misunderstanding. Though you’ve been bind as one and your husband and your wife is your other half, you can’t still deny the fact that you both have different personalities and adjustments to deal with. However if you know how to manage it, you can save your marriage. Continue reading

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Wife’s Role in Marriage

What’s the role of the wife in marriage?

After marriage, a single lady who used to do things on her own will make a lot of adjustments for her husband. As a wife, you have many roles to take responsibility over your marriage life. A wonderful marriage is teamwork with your husband. This means you as a wife must do something as well to make your marriage work. Continue reading

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Husband’s Role in Marriage

What’s the role of the husband in marriage?

Marriage is a union with corresponding responsibilities to deal with. The husband made a solemn vow to take these full responsibilities for his wife. There will be a shift and adjustments to be made from being a bachelor to a married man. Continue reading

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Character Building at Home

Ones character is an important part of a person’s well being.

There are many methods you could rear good personalities for your children. Good characters like being responsible, having integrity, respectful, honest, kind, and fair can strengthen the family unit and the community. Continue reading

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Build your Character with Integrity

Doing what you say you will do is a character known as integrity.

Having integrity is like having a treasure in life that no one can take away from you. A character that is well built that can make a difference to our community and to your future. It’s a choice and a decision that only you can make. Your decision can be influenced by others, but it’s still up to you to decide whether to stand and live with it or not. Every person’s character is unique, so you can’t compare and make exactly the same pattern on how they live life. Integrity is a character that is needed to be built up and preserved. Keep in mind, your character is who you are and it defines you. Continue reading

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