5 Things to Consider in Making Decisions in your Marriage

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Two persons become one as they enter marriage life.

There are many things to consider once you get involve in marriage. Making decisions from minor to major ones are one of which. These are important to be considered in marriage life as it will affect your relationship together along the way. Adjustments are inevitable, thus submission and understanding must be given concern as well. This applies to both husband and wife. This may be easier said than done, but practicing and doing this often will make it easy as time goes by.

Here are 5 things to consider in making decisions in your marriage:

1. As a wife you must learn how to submit to your husband.

Wife’s submission to her husband is one of the things you must put in mind. In making decisions, give the husband the final say. Even the bible commanded this type of submission to married couples. This act results blessings over your marriage life as you learn to submit to your husband. He is the head and respect must be given to him.

 2. As the husband, learn to listen with your wife’s suggestion.

Though husbands are the head and the final decision comes from you, it is still important to give consideration on your wife’s suggestion. Remember that she is your help mate and she also matters in your marriage relationship. Learn to listen to her because sometimes she comes up with good solution to some problems you may encounter.

 3. Learn to respect each other in making decisions.

In making decisions especially in your marriage life, respect is important. Wife must not be dominant over her husband insisting her own desires and wants. Husbands must not be too demanding over her wife. He must also consider the pros and cons that may happen to their marriage relationship. Don’t shout at each as it won’t turn out good. Learn to respect and you will gain the right results.

 4. Learn to relax in making decisions during pressured times.

Whenever pressured problems come and immediate decision is needed to be done, you both need to relax and think it over before making the decision. This is to avoid abrupt wrong decisions. Remember that when you’re relaxed, you can think right and straight compared to being pressured.

5. Pray and agree together.

This may be awkward to some married couples, but prayer is important. God guides those who seek Him. Pray and agree together especially in making major decisions in life. This will help you in ways you can’t imagine.

 Decisions are expected in marriage life and good results depend on how you make one.

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