ADHD and Sexual Intimacy

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Ignorance about sexually intimacy when it comes to a partner with ADHD creates so much hurt.

This always can lead to a thinking of the other partner in blaming themselves of this sexual problem. There are distractions that may take place at the middle of the activity that the partner tends to get out focus and no satisfaction happens. There are times that ADHD partner gets bored during the activity. They also do not realize the importance of this sexual activity, which is love. Sadly, ADHD partners hardly admit it.

These probable reactions of an ADHD might affect the sexual intimacy of their relationship. However, there are also ADHD partners that were satisfied with their sexual life. According to some surveys, is it said that almost half say that their ADHD partner is skilled and considered as a considerate lover. Just be reminded that this always varies or often times case to case basis.

To those ADHD partners that their sex lives are not that satisfying, you must identify the root cause to have knowledge on how to deal with it. This would probably not be the ultimate solution to it, but having knowledge regarding this matter can alleviate hurt feelings, blame, and psychological pressures on both sides. This may also open you up to a realistic view in solving your problems.

So what are the traits to be known with ADHD partner?

You must know that they have hyperactivity and impulsivity. ADHD partner usually are being impulsive to a rush start in sexual activity but quickly gets bored.

ADHD partners get easily distracted and inattentive. This may serve a great challenge to deal with. As you do the sexual intimacy, make sure to remove or avoid detail distractions such as the water dripping, hum of the air conditioner, and even the incomplete chores to be done that day.

The ADHD partner usually has low initiation or motivation when it comes to sexual act. They don’t usually tend to initiate the act. So be considerate and do the initiation making sure that they won’t get offended by the act the initiation that you suppose to do.

Hypersensitivity to sensory stimulation or known as the sensory integration disorder is possible to an ADHD partner. This is a tactile defectiveness. They find certain acts during the foreplay irritating that would be the cause to stop the activity.

One of the challenging parts in an ADHD partner is the sexual boredom. They easily get bored at the middle of the sexual intimacy. This could be really frustrating the other partners side. They instead sometimes do something else like having a good story or fantasizing about sex instead of having the actual sex at all.

Knowing this may be frustrating, but remember there is always something you can do to have a satisfying sexual relationship with your ADHD partner.

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