ADHD Children and and their Common Symptoms of Inattentiveness

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

The inattentiveness suffered by ADHD patients depend and differ on their age.

Also, it differs on how they respond with it, their treatment and their environment. Children on their preschool, early school years and early childhood experience the early onset of ADHD and its various symptoms. Parents must seriously be aware of this.

 Some may also find it hard to identify the normal attentiveness of a child to what is beyond the normal. Whenever a child experiences difficulty in giving attention to reading or listening to a storybook or accomplishing assignments like to color or to draw, they can still be considered to be normal inattentiveness. On the other hand, there are behaviors which indicate that the child is suffering from inattention similar and maybe exactly that of the ADHD. These happen when they are not able to accomplish the tasks assigned to them like their home works or any other activities without being distracted by others. Also, when they are not able to finish a certain activity and can only have their focus for a very short period of time and shift to another activity immediately.

Engaging themselves in computer games and not being able to finish it with his mate of the same age indicate also inattentiveness similar to that of ADHD.

It also becomes more evident when it causes problems within the family and in their performance at school. Not all inattentiveness can lead to the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Though, there are certain behaviors which indicate the probable diagnosis of ADHD among children. This happens when the child becomes incapable to play and study as what they are expected to do. Also, they are more immature compared to other children. When they cannot tolerate doing activities for a long period of time and becomes so distracted and irritated easily.

Also, whenever a child cannot grasp instructions and rules. They cannot immediately figure out things which are considered to be in an easy and moderate level as matched to their age and intellectual capacity. There are also situations when an ADHD patient does not insist in taking good care of themselves like clothing themselves which is very normal for children of the same age.

These symptoms of inattentiveness of ADHD children must not only be based on what others might say or just mere comparisons.

It will be best if these ADHD children will be consulted to a doctor specializing in the said disorder.

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