ADHD Patients and Dealing with them During Summer

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Of all the seasons, summer presents difficulties and challenges for both parents and children to deal and manage the symptoms of ADHD.

Children and parents spend most of their time at school for the whole year. After school comes summer, this is the time when parents have problems when it comes to their children’s routine. There are times when children find it hard to adjust. In this cases where children have difficulties in adjusting, parents, at the same time encounter conflicts and problems in dealing and managing their children inattention and hyperactivity.  Activities during summer and activities at school vary a lot that is why parents and children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder must cooperate with each other.

Also, parents may come across questions with regard to their ADHD children’s treatments and therapies during summer season.

Questions parents usually ask include if summer may be suited for their children’ medication or will it have any effect due to the season. Also, they may consult their doctor whether the medication and or therapy they are currently in must be changed because f the season.

So that parents and children may not find it difficult to cope and manage the ADHD symptoms during summer, they must have certain plans and techniques that may get along with their inattention and hyperactivity. If this so happens, ADHD during summer season may be less stressful and even be stress free if properly managed and dealt with.

 These techniques and plans include observing and maintaining a structural and regular routine. ADHD patients usually do not know how to handle their symptoms accordingly.  It is important to set regular routines so that a calm and safe environment may be created. In doing so, children may not feel the intense change of the season.

Planning activities may also help patients and their parents. Activities which are fun like outings at resorts and family gatherings with in and out of the town may help children divert their attentions away from their symptoms.

 Making schedules in children’s playtime helps. Set time for children’s recreational activities may help them in a way that they become independent on their own and together with their play mates.

 Continuing school works or any other activities that may enhance children’s mental capability will also do well during summer season. These learning skills include tutorials or any other summer lessons like painting, dancing, writing and reading.

By this, ADHD children may not only enhance their talents but as well as meet new friends.

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