Being a Friend

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Friendship is a voluntary relationship. You are given the free will and decision to choose your friends and how you would make your friendship last. Having a friend is a nice feeling and it gives you the inspiration as you face your childhood. You will have someone to talk you, to accompany you and to listen to your good and bad experiences. As a good friend, you should also do the same with your friend. In order for you to be a good friend, you can use these helpful guidelines so you will preserve your friendship.

Treat your friend with respect and affection. Even though your friend has the same age as you are, you should learn to respect his or her individualities. You must learn to respect that each one of you has different family backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs. When you respect each other, you will be able to share your different perspectives and you will be able to learn things that are new to you. You will avoid misunderstandings and arguments that might hurt both of your feelings. You should also treat your friend with affection like he or she is part of your family. You must show your love, care and trust. It is one way of showing that you cherish your friend and that he or she is important in your life.

You should learn to accept the good and bad side of your friend. Every person is not perfect. To have a lasting friendship with your friend, you should accept that he or she has his or her own good and bad traits. It is very helpful if you express to your friend whatever concerns you have. Backbiting is not good and it would not give any solution. It would only destroy your friendship. Approaching your friend is the best thing to do in order for him or her to be aware if he or she has done something not pleasant. In the same way, you should also be open-minded when your friend approach you and tell you that your words or actions are not appropriate. Through this, you will learn from each other and you become mature and responsible in your words and actions.

Be honest with your feelings. If you are honest with your feelings, you will be able to find true friends. When you are not comfortable with your group your friends, then you should learn to accept it and you can move on from there. You have the right to choose the group of children whom you are comfortable with. You will know this if you can be yourself when you are with them. You don’t need to be pretentious in order for you to be accepted. A true friend or friends accept you for who you are and they love you no matter what.

Being a friend is one opportunity wherein you can love and trust someone like he or she is part of your family. Finding real friends will make your life happy and exciting. You will have the chance to enjoy your childhood to the fullest and you will cherish the good and bad times until you grow old.

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