Being Bullied: Signs of Trouble

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Whenever you are being bullied, there would always be signs before it.

Apart from company individual policy legislation’s, the employees must have the knowledge or just recognize if there’s any problem before anything is expected to happen. There are a lot of factors to know that may become the sign of future trouble of an employee. These must be known in order for those being bullied become aware of it.

Here are some of the signs of trouble a person being bullied must know:

  1. Emotional disturbances that would be felt in cases that you’re being bullied are evident. Such emotional symptoms can result to a physical illness that would be the reason why you don’t feel going to work the next week.
  2. Being yelled at always by those in authority over you or just by your co-employees in front of other people is menacing. You would felt that you are being bullied especially if you did nothing wrong about your work performance. On the other hand, make sure that you really did what you’re supposed to do. However, if you did it correctly and these yelling are going on and on, this is assign that you’re being bullied.
  3. Belittling comments about your work that are just hitting you below the belt is a signal that you’re being bullied. There maybe no probable reasons why they do that, but they just enjoy making fun of you in front of other people.
  4. During elementary or high school years, being in a group is a must according to some. Being left alone can be an indication that you are being bullied. This applies the same in your workplace. Whenever your co-employees excluded you from their tables during lunch or team meeting, this signifies that you are being bullied.
  5. During meetings or simple conversation within the group, whenever your opinions doesn’t matter at all times and would have negative comments or response, this could be a probable mark of bullying.
  6. You are being bullied when you’re always getting picked or making fun of some of your co-workers. They would get your things and put it in other places, or just simply hit you at some parts of your body while they pass over you.
  7. The main topics of every gossip are focused on you. You will over hear it or just see it on their eyes as they look at you while they are talking to each other. Being bullied in this way is just emotionally disturbing.

Whenever you are being bullied and seen this negative behaviors among your co –workers, you could always speak out to those in authority over you and talk to them about this matter. However in cases that your company is not supporting these bullying problems, the best thing to do is just quit. Find a working place that would make you happy.

You can never be efficient if you stayed in a place where you are being bullied always.

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