Compilation of Opinions and Thoughts Regarding OCD

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

OCD can have various results and effects with regard to the patients’ habits, attitudes and personalities.

OCD is considered as a constraint by a patient because it deters them from doing things efficiently and effectively. It also produces malfunctions to one’s activities and worse to his system. By this, they yield outputs which are less than expected and thus may lose their morale. OCD at the same time causes persistent anxieties that are beyond normal. A person under an extreme anxiety may experience excessive stress that may affect them emotionally. Once an individual is emotionally affected and stressed, he becomes unproductive of his tasks. Aligned with this, an individual having anxiety may be wary and may have no energy in doing things. Because one is preoccupied with his anxieties he may tend to forget the to-do’s in his roster. OCD may also result tardiness, absenteeism and ineffectiveness in one’s labor. Individuals having OCD usually become moody or may have tic disorders which make them feel depressed. They may tend to feel bad about themselves or may even have self-pity.

Different treatments and combinations of therapies are made available to OCD patients.

Research shows that ERP or exposure response prevention is results much better than having medication. As an effect, patients are able to lessen their medical maintenance or even stop from it. Compared to joint medication, ERP has higher rate of effectiveness. Another is the psychopharmacology therapy, which should be done with inspiration and motivation, is commonly applied in worst cases of OCD. This treatment is made to patients who are incapable and who do not respond with ERP.

There is a great probability for the OCD patients’ recovery and improvement of their condition. The recovery does not depend alone on the treatment itself but also with the monitoring and observation of the condition. Proper assessment is also very important in order to treat the patient. It should be accompanied with the patients’ proper attitude and desire to be relieved from the disorder. The latter means of by having the proper mindset to follow the do’s and don’ts of the disorder and by having self-discipline.

With right knowledge, proper understanding about OCD and if all that have been mentioned above are followed, greater chance of recovery can be expected, and most importantly proper treatment in the proper case should be applied.

 Having OCD is not a reason for being downhearted.

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