Compulsive Shopping Disorder and OCD

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Are there link between compulsive shopping disorder and OCD?

There has no been definite explanation on the real definition of Compulsive Shopping Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM. Yet, compulsive shopping disorder is also known as compulsive buying disorder.

The characteristics of compulsive shopping disorder are being preoccupied with shopping even for items which are not necessary and worse are even useless and are just waste of money. Individuals with compulsive shopping disorder usually spend too much time in finding and even researching for items that they are to buy which at the same time, like the first characteristic is not needed and is not that important. They also find it very hard to resist and say no when they are offered to buy something. Also, they may experience financial problems because of shopping extravagantly even it is already beyond their budget and credit. They also experience problems at home and in their work place because of their compulsive shopping disorder. Their time is mostly spent in shopping and their money as well which makes them ineffective in their job and at home.

Research and studies have explained that like any other compulsive symptoms of OCD, compulsive shopping disorder is usually accompanied by depression, negative emotions and anxiety.

The reason of this is because patients suffering from compulsive shopping or buying disorder may at times feel relieved by their uncomfortable tension whenever they go shopping. But this is only temporary. Though the patients may feel temporary relief, they may also feel disappointment and depression because eventually they will discover it themselves that the behavior they have is uncontrollable.

OCD patients with compulsive shopping disorder usually have the strong desire to buy items like shoes, bags, clothes and household items like containers, plates and vases. They find it hard to resist buying items which are currently on sale. Also, they prefer to shop alone rather than be with someone else because they are afraid to be embarrassed because of their compulsive symptom.

It has bee found out that compulsive shopping disorder is found to be diagnosed nine times with females than of males. The compulsive shopping disorder usually develops on their early adulthood at sometimes on their 30s.

Mood swings and problems may also be experienced with OCD patients having this compulsion. Their compulsion and other symptoms like skin picking and hair pulling may also trigger while they are having fun shopping. Because of this OCD patients are usually irritated and get mood swings.

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