Diffuculty of OCD with their Memory

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Compulsions are behaviors which the patients repeatedly do and individuals diagnosed with OCD is experiencing this.

An example of compulsion is checking not only twice or thrice but many times whether the door has been locked. Due to the actions done over and over again for no valid reason, OCD patients may at times suffer from memory loss or experience problems when it comes to their memory.

There are many questions to OCD cases. One of those concerns memory impairment when diagnosed with the disorder.  Science presents and explains that when it comes to this issue, patients must always be reminded that there are different kinds of memory. Memories can be found on photographs, in words and on any other devices and mnemonics.

Yet, there are no further studies which confirm that OCD patients are suffering from poor memory when it comes to words or verbal memory difficulties. On the other hand, research and study show that most OCD patients encounter problems with their non-verbal or visual memory. Compared to individuals who are not diagnosed with the disorder, OCD patients usually have hard time remembering, recalling and identifying regular shapes that have been drawn or showed off. Also, they encounter problems in remembering land marks or in locating a specific area because their spatial memory has been influenced by their compulsions.

Studies explain that these visual problems and deficits are caused by the messages being encoded on the brain. Information and messages that are encoded on the brain of an OCD patient are usually stored and arranged in a manner that they experience difficulties and problems recalling and interpreting them.

Studies also explain Met memory. Met memory is defined to be as the individual’s knowledge and acceptance of their memory power and their belief that they are well served by their memory.

OCD patients having their compulsions on checking behaviors usually rely on their memory less.

Yet, studies explain that an individual’s confidence is not directly related on how their memory woks and serves them.

Depression, as an effect of the obsession and compulsions OCD patients experience, also presents a threat on having problems with memory. On the other hand, it has not been made clear whether the OCD symptoms that are associated with memory problems can also be found true and proven on other anxiety disorders.

Further studies are still being done by researchers and specialists if memory deficits and problems can affect the treatments being given to OCD patients.

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