Effects of being Responsible Grandparents to Grandchildren

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

There are many traditions that have been adapted by different countries when it comes to grandparents rearing their grandchildren.

How helpful these traditions can be? However, the main fact there is that grandparents love to have grandchildren. Seeing those makes them feel and long to rear a wonderful child once again. This however would be case to case basis. There are times that grandparents regret having grandchildren. The probable reason would be because of a bad past situation that had happened as grandparents’ rear their own children.

 When we say grandchildren, they are the offspring of grandparent’s children. By the time they were given birth here on earth, the family’s joy was then birthed out as well. It’s their bundle of joy!

On the other hand, there my be circumstances wherein grandparents need to take the responsibility for the child – or example, are loss of parents, battered children, and problems financially. Grandparents usually stood up or their grandchildren. The effects on the child would be case to case basis as well. If the grandparents are responsible, they usually turn out successful.  On the other hand, irresponsible grandparents could possibly turn their grandchildren life a mess.

Here are the common effects on a child as they’ve reared up by their responsible grandparents:

  • Grandchildren have a positive character that has been built up as they mature.
  • They know how to deal with life’s circumstances even without their parents.
  • They have the ability to cope with school, family, and friends.
  • They view life as well and happy.
  • They grow as a responsible person.
  • Traditional positive ways are practiced.
  • Respect to elders is highly proficient.
  • They feel loved and no alone.

Some of them are still longing for their parents. However, the love, care and support of responsible grandparents can greatly help out. If they have been under life’s trauma, and hardships, grandparents can lend their hand and help ease the pain their grandchildren felt. They could surely be successful if they are being reared up properly.

It may not be easy rearing your grandchildren. As grandparents, you definitely can’t perfect it, but the most important thing is that you’re doing your best for your grandchildren to have a wonderful and successful life. The future of grandchild lies on your hand.

Be the responsible grandparents you can be!

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