Friendship and Marriage Life

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Most people say that the moment you both got married, a lot of changes happened and would affect your relationship especially the friendship you both built.

Friendship built before marriage is good. As marriage lives progresses, the friendship you both shared together must stay strong. It would help a lot in terms of your marriage life together. Others that built their friendship before they got married stayed longer. You have known your partner as who he or she is, not only in the physical aspect of life but in the deepness of his or her character as well.

Here are the things that you can do to strengthen your friendship with your partner in your marriage life:

1.      Keep your close communication with each other.

Keep in touch with your husband’s or wife’s activities every day. Check out what he or she did and accomplish on that day. You can talk before going to bed about simple things that had happened or you want to do. Even you’re both at work give your partner a text or even a short call just to check him or her out. Constant communication will make your friendship grow deeper and longer.

2.      Always appreciate your partner.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be appreciated always. This is one thing that would boost your self-esteem up. Always appreciate and give your partner compliments especially if he or she did something to make you smile and happy. A simple thank you and a hug will lighten your spouse’s mood up. For instance, tell your wife “Thank you for ironing my clothes and making my things ready for work.” You can also say to your husband, “Thank you for making me smile and happy always.” That gratefulness you both share creates a big impact in your marriage and friendship relationship.

3.      Practice understanding with your partner especially in times of conflict.

In times of conflict, always open up your mind and understand the situation. Don’t let your emotions carry you away to a fight with your husband or wife. In marriage, it’s inevitable to confront problems but be aware to be understanding at all times. In times that your spouse is upset or sad, give your listening ear and offer your full support that will uplift his or her feelings. It’s helpful when your partner knows that you are there for him or her especially in times they need you the most.

 4.      Be kind to your spouse.

Too much familiarity may overlook a lot of things when it comes to marriage and friendship relationship. Those little and simple things you can do for your partner may be sometimes neglected until such time it will be taken for granted. Kindness is significant in a relationship. Always think about your partner even in your deeds and words. Never forget about the kindness you can give to him or her. A simple gift or food from work, helping out your wife when you see she’s already tired with household chores, giving your full attention to your husband when he’s talking to you or giving instructions, leaving a thank you note before leaving for work, are simple act of kindness you both can share everyday that will make your marriage and friendship intact and strong.

Couple your marriage life together with a strong friendship that will last for a life time.

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