Grandparents and Social Agencies

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Grandparents need to have support as they raise their grandchildren.

It could be from other family members and friends. However, having knowledge and knowing how to deal with institutions and organizations is a great help to get the support that they need.

Before, the grandparents find it hard to rear their grandchildren because they have difficulty having support from institutions and organizations to have enough funds, education for grandchildren, their health care, and other important resources for their grandchildren. But today, it’s good to hear there are dedicated and caring advocates that gave their effort to lend help for grandparents from social agencies.

It is a big help for grandparents to join in social groups. Through this, they can get the latest information as well as support from grandparents who are in the same situation as them. These groups can be obtained from organizations such as the AARP Information Center and the Generations United, etc.

However, there are things you need to discuss with your co- grandparents as you enter such groups or organizations.

  • There need to set up community-training courses for group support systems for the grandparents caregivers and their grandchildren.
  • Institute consistent and standardized qualitative customaries for grandparent’s caregiver groups by giving fundamental standardized curriculum and training course that can be nearly adapted by grandparents.
  • Know, research, and have knowledge on the effects of existing grandparent caregiver support groups. This is to familiarize yourself to your precise population and then improve their quality.
  • There must be documentation and assessment of benefits gained by care giving grandparents. In that way this will encourage others to take responsibility and care for their grandchildren.
  • Create consistent federally authorized legal rights and social rights that will carry the efforts of caretaking grandparents, family or relatives.
  • By having social activities and programs, demonstrate and exhibit to society and elders the significance of the role of grandparents. Show them what they can do to intergenerational associations as emotional and spiritual work that grandparents can do for their families and the society.
  • Have knowledge on the effects for care giving grandparents on their emotional, physical, and mental health. Take note also such effects on the grandchildren that they are rearing.

For grandparents, raising a grandchild can be really quite challenging however highly rewarding. It is such a joy on them when they see their grandchildren grow to be mature, good, and successful someday. The respect and love that they gain from their grandchildren gave them strength to go on and continue what they are doing. For you to help other grandparents on how to successfully raise their grandchildren, don’t hesitate to join in organizations and institutions made especially for this purpose.

The more grandparents are helping one another, the more work will be accomplished.

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