Grandparents Challenges

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Grandparents are referred to as the parents of a person’s own parent.

This could either be a father or a mother. From the day they become a parent until having their grandchildren, there has been challenges that they face. In rearing their grandchildren, they handle responsibilities and adjustments in their life that could be considered as a challenge on their part.

Here are some of the challenges grandparents need to face as they take care of their grandchildren.

Primarily, they need to take care of their health. Since they are not what they used to be when they are on their younger years, they need to be more precautious in terms of their health. We can’t deny the fact that as they grow older they become weaker and easily get sick. Due to this, they must eat more nutritious food and must be aware that too much stress is not good for them. They must learn when to stop and give their body a rest. According to studies, the main risk for their health is insomnia, hypertension, body malaise, stomach problems, depression, and irritability. Make sure that they go to a physician for consultation in cases that they get sick.

As we often see, grandparents usually are active in social or community activities. Having grandchildren as their responsibility may result them to have a little time for themselves. There will be tight schedules as they need to give and provide the needs of their grandchildren in school, home, and personal requests. They must know how to manage time wisely that they can do their responsibility at home with their grandchildren and at the same time having time for them selves to enjoy life. So it’s a challenge on their part to juggle time and their social activities.

We can’t omit money on the picture. Financial aid is greatly needed by everyone. As the grandchildren grows the needs and wants increases. Remember that they need to send their grandchildren to school. They must feed them, buy the things that they need and want. This usually involves money. Taking these responsibilities may result from quitting their jobs and do some financial sacrifices. However good for those grandparents that has savings for their future. This could help at some point in taking care of their grandchildren. It’s quite a challenge for them to give the best for their grandchildren in terms of financial aid.

These challenges are quite difficult. That’s why grandparents need help in rearing their grandchildren. They are not as strong and efficient as what they are before.

Grandparents must realize the importance of balance so that in facing these challenges, they remain strong, healthy and effective.

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