Helping an Asperger

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

No one asks to have an Asperger.

Some haven’t been diagnosed and is under a lot of problems. For some that knew that they have this condition, still undergo difficulties in life. There are people that may take advantage of them that sometimes led to bullying them. This is harsh and a sad thought to ponder. However, to those that want to help a person with Asperger, you can do things to ease their way of living.

You can lessen their loneliness by being their friend. They need an understanding and a patient one. Hang out and let them feel that they have a company that would stay in their side. This may be difficult the first time, but as you go along and adjust, this can be a great help on them emotionally.

AspergerThey usually have difficulty in terms of understanding certain rules and instructions that led them to trouble.  In this case, be their guide. You can direct them and remind them again and again on a certain rule or instruction. Make them understand it until they get it. Be specific on it like saying “Wait for your turn. It’s my turn now, and then it will be yours.” This would help them to get a way from a mess and fights.

Stretch your patience and understanding on those with Asperger.

You can help them by asking them to join in your group. However in some cases that they don’t want to, don’t be offended. You have to be open minded and understanding. Bear in mind that this is part of the condition that they are undergoing.

Those with Asperger are already suffering a lot. So don’t bully or take advantage of them. Don’t make fun of them by setting them into something that would get them into trouble. If you see someone that is bullying an Asperger, don’t tolerate it. Tell that person to stop and let him understand the effects he is causing on the person with Asperger. Stand up for them.

AspergerIf you see an Asperger in class, help them by allowing to them to talk and give their opinions and thoughts. When that person does well, praise them. This would uplift their self-esteem. Well, who doesn’t?  If you like what he did, inform him that you like it. In cases that he’s showing a bad behavior, as much as possible, ignore it. However, don’t tolerate it. You deal with it in a right way and explain how the bad things he did affects that person. This way, he can understand it and would try not to do it the next time.

Understanding is vital when it comes to Asperger people.


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