How Do Kids Solve Life’s Simple Problems

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

As kids, you may have been taught to solve simple mathematical problems. But there are more in life than these math problems. As you grow older, you encounter more serious problems in life. These problems will mold you into stronger and more mature individuals. Solving life’s problems is not easy but with the proper approach, you will be able to find solution to the problem that you might encounter.

Have a positive attitude. Having a problem is not always bad. Sometimes, it is a blessing in disguise. It may teach you to become a better individual. It may also teach you lessons in life that you can apply as you grow up. It may give you wisdom and understanding that can lead you to success.



Always remember that there is always a solution for a problem. You may have the problem at the moment, but you will soon solve it. Not maybe sooner but it will be solved. When you are not capable to solve your own problem, your family and friends are there to help you.




Problems may be a way to meet new friends. When you are down, you look for someone to talk to and even a stranger can comfort you. Eventually, you will realize that you found a new friend. This will also give you the desire to be a helping person because you also want to extend help for those who are also feeling down.


Problems are learning experiences. They give you room for improvement. They make you wiser and careful in your decisions. They help you to appreciate life’s true meaning and beauty. They teach you to be objective and considerate in your decision making.



A great leader is a person who has surpassed life’s great problems. When you are able to solve life’s challenges, you become stronger and wiser. It teaches you to strive more so you can achieve more. It enables you to be open-minded and straight-forward in your decision.

These points will encourage you that no matter what problems or challenges you encounter in life, there is always room for personal growth. Having a positive attitude will always make you a winner. Problems are inevitable and it is important that you stay strong and goal-oriented. You will learn many things from problems and you will build more respect to your self and to others. These points will help you to succeed in life even starting from solving life’s simple problems.

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