How Kids Can Overcome Anxiety

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Anxiety is a negative feeling which makes you feel depressed, nervous, worried and fearsome.

It is not healthy to be anxious all the time. It can give you physical and emotional stress. But when you are able to control the anxiety attacks, you will begin to feel calm and relaxed. It is important that children, like you, are taught the ways on how to overcome it.

Be true to your feelings. You must accept what you are feeling at the moment. You can write down all your down and negative feelings but also list out the ways on how you can keep yourself away from that negative feeling. You should identify opportunities and good ideas that can give you more fun instead of feeling depressed and worthless.

Identify the cause of your anxiety. You can list down all the root causes of what you feel. When you are able to find the cause, then you will be able to find the solution. You will be able to manage your feelings. You can also share to your parents the list you have written so they can give you an advice on how to solve your problem.

Think positive thoughts. You should not allow your negative feelings to drown you. You should think of happy and productive thoughts that would make you pre-occupied. Always tell yourself that there is always room for improvement and not all things are perfect. You should learn to recognize and appreciate the beautiful things you have at the moment. There are more blessings in your life that you should be thankful for.

To overcome anxiety, learn to share your problems.

Find time to talk to your parents, siblings and friends when you are feeling depressed and troubled. Do not attempt to hide these feelings for it may even worsen. Having someone to talk to will ease out all the burdens that you are feeling. You will find comfort and good advices that can help you positively.

Divert yourself to certain activities like exercise, activity or time with family. When you are feeling down, you can do a simple exercise. You can go for a walk or jog with your family or indulge yourself to swimming. Doing deep breathing will make you more relaxed. Having quality time with your family in a picnic or going to the mall is a good diversion too. This will change on how you think and feel because you have let yourself to enjoy with your loved ones. So, do not allow anxiety to ruin your day or your life.

Follow these simple ways and you will overcome anxiety and become happier and worry-free.

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