How Parents and ADHD Child Deal with Summer Season

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Does weather season affect an ADHD child?

According to studies, there are effects that may occur in a child with ADHD. During summer, the symptoms of ADHD may have the possibility to have difficulty to manage and parents may take this as a challenge.

 Since ADHD children before summer vacation get used in school, the routine of these children suddenly changes.

ADHD children have this problem when it comes to their attention span and routine activities, thus summer vacation after school can cause a major problem in terms of adjustment. The parents as well will find it hard to manage the changes of the symptoms of hyperactivity and in attention.

 There is a huge difference in an ADHD child’s routine when it comes to the activities spent during school time and during summer vacation. Therefore the cooperation and patience of both parents and ADHD child is much needed at the adjustment period.

Regarding the treatments and therapies of the ADHD child, it is still best to ask for a doctor’s advice on what to do. Usually parents may have questions such as if the medications or treatments may need to be changed, and the doctor’s advice would always be the appropriate thing to do.

Talking about adjustment period, they can start one step at a time. Let the kids to an activity that would gradually take the routine of school out of their system until they can adjust. You can allow them to continue their school work or activities such as writing and reading. You can provide drawing materials and allow them to paint. If they get tired of it, think of other activities that they would enjoy. You can engage them in summer school wherein they can gain friends and enjoy. You can also go for a family outing like swimming on the beach. . This would definitely divert their symptoms due to these activities.

As parents, it is important that you do a daily plan during summer vacation for your ADHD child. Having a good plan during this time would be a lot help in dealing with the ADHD symptoms and would create a stress free environment for the ADHD and for your family as well.

 Be observant on your ADHD child’s actions in every activity that you do. Make sure that you have a habitual and well planned routine. The regular routine is significantly stressed out since ADHD child has the difficulty with regards to this matter. Doing this properly would make the ADHD child feel less intense on this changed season.

Certain structural activities can help an ADHD child to manage and adjust in whatever season may come. Parents must be sensitive to the needs of their ADHD child and do the best they can to help them out.

Never hesitate to consult a medical help whenever the ADHD symptoms gets uncontrollable.

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