How to Cope with OCD in their Relationship

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents
When you have OCD, it means you have to face different challenges especially when it comes to relationship.

Here are the following ways on how to build, maintain and to cope with the challenges face with OCD involve in a relationship:

  • OCD Symptoms must be managed. Depending on the manifestation of OCD symptoms, that will be related with the inability to build and maintain a relationship. To work your relationship, it is important for you to have knowledge regarding the symptoms as well the treatment for OCD.  It is still best that you go to a doctor, psychologist, or other  mental health professionals  and stick with the treatment plan given to make sure that your OCD symptoms will be managed properly. Safety is important as you treat OCD.
  • Cooperation with your partner is important. This is one of the best things when you are already in a romantic relationship. You need to help each other by being more active in the treatment given to an OCD partner. Remember, that the more your partner has knowledge and understanding about OCD symptoms, them more he or she will be able to lend help. The trust will built and this is very helpful to maintain your romantic relationship.
  • Have a consistent, open and honest communication. These are important tools whether you have or have no OCD. It is a foundation of a strong relationship. Problems will be easily fixed when there is proper communication with regards to what’s going on with your relationship. So how much more if your partner has OCD? You need to make this aspect of your love life strong and consistent. You need to be open and honest to each other so that you can give and show the right reactions and help.
  • Engage your OCD partner in a support group. Though family, friends, and love ones help and support is much needed, having a support group together with OCD patients is a great help as well. They can relate to each other and they may feel that they are not alone experiencing the OCD symptoms. They can also hear how other OCD patients are dealing with isolation as well as shame of having OCD. Confidentiality is also present to most support groups to prevent further embarrassment. They can express their feelings well knowing that the people that are surrounding them can relate to what they feel.

You can always save your relationship even if your partner has OCD.

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