How to Deal with Jealousy in Marriage

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Believe it or not, though you are already tied up to forever, jealousy may rise up in your marriage life.

In marriage, you need to make your partner secure at all times. There are a lot of things that you may do that will make your spouse jealous. Never take this for granted though because this will be a root cause of a deeper problem with your marriage relationship.

Here are some factors that may cause jealousy and how to deal with it in your marriage relationship:

  • Time for each other.

You can’t deny the fact that time is precious in a marriage relationship. Investing time in your marriage makes it more valuable as time goes by. To avoid deeper conflicts, make extra effort to spend time with each other. This will avoid jealousy in the part of your partner as well.

  • Friends of opposite sex.

It is fine to have friends with the opposite sex, but make sure that you won’t do anything beyond that friendship. Sometimes when you’re not aware or careful about it, you’ll end up having that wrong relationship with them that may cause your marriage life together to fail. Whenever you partner is already jealous even with a friend, make distance already. You can always stop the communication and explain to the person that you don’t want your husband or wife to get the wrong impression of the closeness you both have. This maybe normal and usual to some, but this usually is the cause of third party relationships. So prevent it by staying faithful to your partner and whenever you sense jealousy, find a way to end it as early as possible.

  • Too much working.

There is nothing wrong if you work hard for your marriage or soon to be family. In fact this is important for you to provide for them in the best way possible. But spending all of your time with work may cause jealousy on the part of your spouse. This will consume your time that became the cause of jealousy. So manage your time and never forget to spend it with your partner in the next 24 hours of being together.

  • Hobbies.

Hobbies can be addicting and yes it can cause jealousy to your partner. It is okay if you have a hobby. This is to enjoy oneself and helps to break the monotony of life. But there are those that are already addicted to their hobbies and spent more time with it compared to their partners. So take heed and be aware of it. Never let you hobby come in between with your marriage relationship.

Jealousy in a marriage life should never be tolerated and must be dealt with as early as possible to prevent further conflict in your relationship together.

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