How to Deal with OCD Symptoms?

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

There are many ways on how to cope and deal with the obsessive and compulsive symptoms of OCD.

Above all techniques and ways, patients must be guided that they must importantly have regular check up with their attending doctor or any other specialists.  Though it is the first meeting, second or third with the specialist, OCD patients must coordinate with their doctor and must also take some actions to have a best result of the treatment and or consultation.

There are different tips that doctors and specialists recommend to the patients and their family members. One is to write down or create notes.  There are cases where patients become ashamed or nervous of their symptoms. They may be hesitant of telling everything to their on a face to face interview. It is recommended that patient may jut down all his concerns and questions if there are any before going to his doctor. By this, he may not forget important details that he wants to inquire and confirm with his doctor. It is also important that the patient may list all the symptoms he is experiencing and on how they influence his life. It is also recommended to tell the doctor if whether he has bee treated previously and on how did it affect his symptoms.

It is also better to bring a family member or anybody who is close with the patient rather that going alone to the doctor. Family members are great factor in treating the symptoms of the patient. Through their motivation and support, patients are given the courage and hop that their obsessions and compulsions will eventually be treated. Family members can also give doctors information about the patient because they are with them at all times. There are also some details that patients may feel free and comfortable to share with their family members than sharing them with their doctors.

OCD Patients must also have the initiative to ask for opinions and second opinions.

There are different treatments and therapies suited for the different symptoms of OCD depending on how serious they are and on how patients respond with them. If the doctor recommend treatment or prescribe medications, patients must make sure to gather further information with regard to the nature of the treatment and or medication especially their side effects.

Patients must also have the initiative to search for other additional resources that may give them information on how to cope and manage their disorder. The opinion and recommendation of the doctor will do a lot but they are not enough.OCD Patients must walk an extra mile to search and gather other information on the nature of their disorder.

It would ease stress when you know how to handle OCD symptoms.

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