How to make your Husband Happy in your Marriage Life

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Everyone dreams to have a happy marriage.

Guys engage in marriage because they seek happiness and someone to take care of them. Others would think that is selfish, but everyone wants to be loved and taken care of- that’s a fact. If you really love your husband, you must learn and know how to make him happy. Though he’s not perfect and you may not have that perfect marriage relationship, at least you know how to make him happy. This will save you marriage relationship in ways you will always treasure.

There are a lot of things you can do to make him happy. It usually depends on his wants and needs. But, here are some of the ways on how to make your husband happy in your marriage life:

  • Learn to respect and submit to him.

Your husband may not be perfect in many ways, but you need to respect and submit to him. The moment you engage in marriage, you vowed in front of God and men to submit to him. Respect is something that is valuable in marriage. Never raise your voice when you are in disagreement with each other. As much as possible, learn to humble down and submit. This will boost your husband’s self confidence knowing that he is respected by his wife. 

  • Love him faithfully.

When you let your husband feel that he is loved faithfully, happiness towards him will be inevitable. We all desire to have a partner that would love us faithfully no matter what the circumstances may be. So love him faithfully in ups or down of your marriage life together. 

  • Be available for him in times he needs you the most.

He would greatly appreciate it when you are there beside him at all times. In marriage, the wife must be a helpmate to his husband. This is not just being there to help him in daily chores, but to be with him in every areas of your life together in marriage. Usually men are secretive when it comes to their emotions, so learn to be a friend and stay with him when he needs you the most. This will make him happy. 

  • Appreciate his efforts towards your marriage relationship.

Husbands are usually the one that works hard for the financial needs in your marriage life. Learn to appreciate his efforts. He may not be perfect, but you need to make him feel appreciated and be grateful about it. This will make him happy knowing that you see the efforts he made to make your marriage relationship to work.

  • Be the best wife you can be by attending to his needs.

Every man has needs, that includes you husband. Being a responsible wife, you must for see the things he needs – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and even socially. Be the best wife you can be in your marriage life together by attending through his needs.

Just remember, that one key for a happy marriage, is making your husband happy.

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