How to Manage Anger in Children

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Nowadays, one of the biggest trends that can be seen in children is an increase in their anger as well as aggression. The reason behind this concern is usually what children see and hear in televisions, internet, music, movies, and to the latest trend, video games! Those affected children usually have been introduced and are now getting involved to violence. Other children also think that the only way to solve a problem is through anger.

Behind this sad thought there is still way to fix and manage this anger problems your young child experiences. Here are some simple ways to do it that will work if done consistently.

Set as an example. What children see, hear, and experience will all register on their minds. They will even tend to imitate it and live it. The best way to teach your children on how to deal with anger is by setting a good example to your children. Show them how to calm down. For example, your neighbor just throws the garbage carelessly in your backyard and you’re furious about it. Your child saw it. It’s a perfect way to show your child how you manage your own anger. You can say, “I’m really mad of what our neighbor did. So, I’ll, just go inside first, breathe in and out to calm myself and to get back in control.” Surely your child will do the same when a situation that his or her anger will be triggered as well.

Learn to be calm before settling an argument. Let’s remember that anger is contagious if not taken care properly. You can’t also think well when you’re at the peak of our anger; so as your child. Make it sure that in your home, you practice that if anger is present and arguments are getting tougher, learn to disconnect from the conversation first, calm yourself to think better, and settle the argument once everything is in control. In this way, your child will be trained to control oneself when anger strikes during arguments.

Give them knowledge on how to express anger. Ignorance is destruction to ones character. You children may convey their anger in a wrong way, since they don’t know how to express it the right way. Some of them just start throwing things, hitting other people, and screaming just to show how they feel. Asking your child how he or she felt is not applicable at times. There are children that don’t know what to say about what they feel. In this case, provide the words for them like, angry, mad, frustrated, furious, irritated, etc. Through this, they may know what they felt means and they can tell you how they feel. As soon as they express it, you as a parent can do things to deal with it by talking to them and manage the anger.

A fact is, teaching your children ways to deal with their anger constructively is not easy. They have their own ways that needs to be guided and nurtured. As a parent you play a big role. Let them overcome anger by taking one step at a time by imposing these ways to your child. Stretch your patience and couple it will love and they will be on their way to manage their own anger properly.

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