How to Resolve Conflicts in Kids

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Conflicts are part of any relationship. But before a certain conflict becomes difficult to handle, you must learn the ways on how to resolve this with your fellow children. It is not nice to hold some grudges in your heart when you are mad with someone. When you decide to resolve the issues, you become happier and you develop a stronger relationship with your friends, siblings or family members. Here are some great ways on how you can resolve conflict with someone.

Tell the person what you did not like. You can approach the person and tell him the actions or words that have hurt you. You can say it in a nice way without shouting or cursing. It will make the other person aware of how his or her actions have affected you. Sometimes, the other person is not aware that his or her words and actions are not appropriate for a certain time or place. He or she will then realize that he or she has done something offensive.




Tell the person what you feel and how did it affect you. It is always good to be honest with your feelings. If you were hurt or embarrassed, then you can tell it directly to your friend. Be honest with your feelings but you should see to it that the words you have spoken would not hurt the other person in return. Revenge would only worsen the situation. When you have expressed what you feel at the moment, then you will eventually feel that the hurt or embarrassment has slowly subsided.


Tell the person what you are looking forward to. You can honestly tell your friend that you want your conflict to be resolved as early as possible and that you want your friendship to stay strong. A conflict does not necessarily mean that you are not friends anymore. It may be a way for both of you to grow up and learn something from the situation. Through conflicts, you will discover how strong the foundation of your friendship is and you will realize how important your friend is.



Ask your friend what the both of you can do in order to resolve the conflict. You should also ask your friend her opinions or ideas on how you could move on from the conflict. He or she may have insights that are different to you. It is important that you become open-minded and learn to listen to other’s point of view.



These tips will guide you to build stronger relationship with your fellow children. These will teach you on how to handle certain conflicts and how you could react positively to the situation. Your friendship with someone is one important thing that you can cherish and it is very helpful if you learn to forgive and learn the ways on how to resolve even the smallest conflicts.

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