Husband’s Role in Marriage

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

What’s the role of the husband in marriage?

Marriage is a union with corresponding responsibilities to deal with. The husband made a solemn vow to take these full responsibilities for his wife. There will be a shift and adjustments to be made from being a bachelor to a married man.

 Here are the following roles a husband must do in marriage:

 1.  Stand as the head or leader.

A husband must be the head over his wife and a great leader for his future family. It is stated in the bible that God positioned the husband to take full responsibility over his marriage and family. As a husband, you should know how to guide, control, direct, and decide for the welfare of your marriage as well. Stand like the man of the house with love and compassion to your wife and children.

2.  Be faithful to your wife.

Yes, as a husband it’s your responsibility to be faithful with your wife no matter what. She may not be perfect or the changes may occur over her as your marriage life is in progress, but this is never an excuse for you to look for another partner just to satisfy your own desires. Your wife is your other half that you should love and take care always. Be a faithful husband to avoid future trouble that may come within your  marriage life just by being unfaithful.

 3.  Love your wife every day.

Loving your wife is not only for a month or every anniversary, but it must be every day. If you really love your wife, this will not be a difficult task to do. This will be a part of your system that you can’t live without. Love your wife as God bound you together as one for life. A loving husband produces a happy wife.

4.  You should provide for your wife.

In this modern time, both the husband and the wife must work together for their family. There’s nothing wrong with that, however it’s still the husband’s main role to provide for his wife. You as the husband took your wife away from her family which means you are already able to provide for her. This would start after marriage until you both have a family of your own. Being a good provider means you’ve been a responsible husband for your wife and future family someday.

 5.  Respect your wife.

Though you are the head and must be in control at all times, you need to give space and respect your wife. She is your helpmate and respecting her is a great blessing over your marriage. During decision makings, consider her suggestion and with respect correct her if it’s wrong. Whenever arguments or misunderstanding occurs over your marriage, make sure to maintain that respect over her by not battering her or putting her to shame.

Practice these set of roles from the beginning of your marriage so that when you start to have a family of your own, your children will see you as the responsible father they will look up to.

Be a responsible husband in your marriage.

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