Learning the Ways of Self-Control

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Self-control is having control over your own habits, actions and behavior. There are times especially with you, children, that you want things on your own. You sometimes tend to demand for things that are not needed or you react to situations in an unpleasant manner. Self-control is important for you to be able to balance your behavior in order to avoid problems and painful consequences. Here the simple ways on how you could learn and practice self-control in your everyday life.

You should have self-control in communicating with others.

Your spoken words can sometimes hurt someone’s feelings. It is always advisable that before you say something, you should think first. You must consider the present situation and the condition of the person. When there is something private to talk about, you should wait for the proper time to say it.

You should have self-control when you are in anger. When you are angry, do your very best to control your anger. You may say unpleasant and hurting words when you allow yourself to be carried away by your anger. Allow sufficient time for your anger to cool down before you say something. You could also stay away and go to a quiet place so you will have peace of mind. When you say things out of anger, you will end up feeling sorry for what you have done. You may loose your precious friends or hurt your family when you are not able to control your anger.

You should have self-control in your eating habits.

You should always eat in moderation and avoid gluttony. You must eat healthy foods and as much as possible avoid junk foods. Drinking plenty of water and having fruits and vegetable in your daily meals in advisable. When you are not able to control what you eat, you may end up being obese. You may also acquire diseases and illness when you do not take care of your health.

You should have control in your playtime. Playtime is not bad but it should also be in moderation. You should balance it with your other activities like studying, helping with the household chores and time with your family. When you spend most of your time playing, you will miss out your school home works. You will not be able to extend help to your parents and you will not have enough time to exchange conversation with your family.

You should have control in buying and demanding for new toys and gadgets. When you see other children having new toys and gadgets, you should not envy them and demand from your parents to have those things too. You should always think that there are more important things that your parents need to prioritize like your food, school and payment for bills. Be contented with the toys and gadgets you have at the moment and you should wait for the time when your parents are financially able to buy new toys and gadgets for you.

Have self-control and for sure, your parents will reward you more than you wish if you remain to be an obedient and good child.

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