Marriage and Significance of Appreciation

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Every marriage needs a two couple living in harmony.

Problems in a home may be inevitable but can be fixed in any other way. There are times as well that the more you two married couples are together for long duration, appreciation becomes negligible. A lot of things are in your mind and a lot of responsibilities to take care of. In marriage too much familiarity without appreciation as one at the center of it breeds or invites disrespect.

The reason why in marriage there is a must with constant communication and appreciation of things. Even how simple a spouse did something for you, you need to appreciate and be thankful for it. Do it every day upon waking up or before you both go to bed. Every morning give your husband or your wife a hug and a kiss as a sign of being thankful that he or she is always there beside you. Whenever you wife cooks for you appreciate her and love her more. On the other hand, your husband is usually the hardworking one in the family, always be thankful and appreciate what he’s doing for you.

There maybe times that you both will become too busy with many things in your marriage life. There are a lot of responsibilities to deal with. Financial stress may arise that made you generally forget to appreciate every effort you did for each other. Learn to pause for a while when stress rises and think of all the positive sides you both made. Appreciate and be thankful in whatever circumstance may arise. Though conflicts arise, it will be settled as long as you both decide to face it positively.

Here is some of the significance of appreciation in marriage:

  • It keeps your spouse’s self-esteem boost up.

It’s a nice feeling being appreciated especially by the one you love. It will help to boost up your partner’s confidence when it comes to your marriage relationship.

  • It gives you joy and happiness.

When you’re being appreciated, joy comes in. When you do this constantly in your marriage life, it will invite happiness in your relationship.

  • It gives satisfaction.

It simply shows that you did something right. Being appreciated in your marriage relationship is a big thing for your partner. There will always be a time that tiredness and exhaustion may come your way in your marriage. A little appreciation from each other brings satisfaction and considered as a reward for a job well done.

Never take appreciation for granted n your marriage life.

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