OCD and Biological Hypothesis Regarding the Cause

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

There have been various biological explanations regarding the symptoms of OCD.

These theories mainly focus on certain parts and compartments of the brain which affect and influence ones actions behaviors and attitudes. The part of the brain which transmits information and messages through and by the different parts of the system is known to be as the orbito frontal cortex. Orbito frontal cortex brings impulses which make one perform various actions, behaviors and think ideas. 

When an individual is diagnosed with OCD, he may encounter problems in controlling, disregarding and turning off desires and urges.

This desires that are uncontrolled then turn into obsessions and compulsions if not properly managed and responded. Obsessive and compulsive symptoms suffered by OCD patients are usually associated and related with contamination, aggressiveness, sexuality and recurring and unwanted thoughts. Doctors and specialists recommend the use of neuroimaging. Neuroimaging have proven that an individual identified with the disorder have brain deficiencies, malfunctions and or abnormalities. Parts of the brain that are greatly affected when having OCD are the orbital frontal cortex, cingulated cortex and caudate nucleus of the basal ganglia.

The brain problems that give rise and result to OCD have high probabilities of being cured through medication. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs can treat the mental abnormalities an OCD patient has.

Everyone experiences unwanted, unexpected and recurring thoughts in their daily normal living. Cognitive behavioral theories explain that when a certain individual becomes weak there are higher possibilities that he may not have the capacity to disregard the thoughts and instead entertain them.  These thoughts, then uncontrolled becomes a threat and danger in ones normal encounter in life.

The thoughts that an OCD patient have are usually believed to be dangerous. Because of this, patients will usually look out of the window or the balcony to check whether noise and sounds are from any accidents or any untoward events that may inflict harm on them. Having this behavior regarding the dangerous thoughts can be very disturbing and stressful; hence, one must not focus on just one thing but must set his mind on various meaningful things and make his mind preoccupied. Compulsions on the other hand may be a routinely or learned process. When one feels that he is contaminated by any dirt, he may tend to wash his hands every time and over again. This excessive hand washing may cause him stress and anxiety. Obsession is always accompanied by compulsion but not absolute at all times.

These are only hypothesis or theories regarding the cause of OCD.

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