OCD and Sexual Dysfunction

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

When an individual is diagnosed with OCD, there is a great probability that he will encounter problems along the way when entering or maintaining an intimate relationship with his partner.

This may be because of problems when it comes to sexual dysfunction.Most partners find their sexual life to be an important factor in having a strong and lasting relationship. They believe that an active sex life will keep and save their relationship. Though there are many sexual problems that individuals usually suffer from, research and studies show that individuals diagnosed with OCD experience more problems when it comes to their sexual life and functions. 

 It is common for OCD patients to feel and experience problems in being sexually aroused, decreased sex drive, being dissatisfied sexually with their partner, being afraid of sex and higher chances of being disgusted when the thought of sexual activity arise.

Research and study explain that the sexual dysfunction and problems that OCD patients encounter are the effects of the medication they are taking especially SSRIs. SSRIs usually lower the self confidence of the patient and their obsessions when it comes to sex.

Cases are women are more likely to experience sexual problems when having OCD compared to men.

Women diagnosed with OCD are more prone to have fear and be hesitant in engaging to sexual activities with their partner than those of men. Doctors and specialists recommend some tips on how to cope with sexual dysfunctions. Patients must know how to manage well their obsessive and compulsive symptoms. The effective way on how to revitalize one’s sexual life is to be able to have appropriate treatment for his problem and symptoms. If the patient is already undergoing treatment with regard to his sexual problems and still do not feel any improvement, he may consult again his doctor and or seek for second opinions of other doctors and specialists.

It is also better that the patient’s partner be involve don his treatment. There must be a clear understanding between the partners. There may be some ideas that the patient’s partner may want to express or share with him and the doctor that can be very helpful.

It is also recommended that the patient may join a group which helps him regarding his sexual dysfunction. By this, he may express his emotions that may divert his obsessions and compulsions. Through this, he may be able to hear advices and that he may be heard as well.

Having knowledge about this can help an OCD patient save their relationship.

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