OCD: Cognitive Distortions

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

There are many factors relating to OCD.

Cognitive distortions are defined to be as the errors or misconceptions of one’s mental capability which may dominantly lead to mood disorders and anxiety disorders. They are also considered as thinking that have negative effects on the OCD patients which make them separated themselves from today’s world and the reality. There various cognitive distortions that cognitive therapists and specialists have been able to identify among OCD patients. It is very challenging and difficult to assess and identify cognitive distortions among OCD patients. These distortions found on patients are mainly part of psychological therapies for OCD.

Over importance of thoughts is one of the most usual cognitive distortions found on patients of OCD.

This over importance of thoughts usually makes them feel that their thoughts must be done into actions or that their thoughts are equivalent into actions. The best example of it is the thought of harming a certain individual is equivalent to harming and hurting him in real life. Thoughts alone are harmful unless they are done into actions. Thoughts alone are not harmful but they can give the patient too much stress, anxiety and depression. Because of this, OCD patients may tend to suppress their thought is right but can just actually worsen their condition. They can involve themselves to cognitive behavioral therapy which gives focus to their thoughts and gives them an exposure based therapy.

 Over estimation of danger also happen to OCD Patients.

To those OCD patients who over estimated danger may experience the probability of committing errors or even suffering the consequence of this action. The best example of this will always be in the workplace. If they fear from being fired they might commit mistakes because of their too much tense which may eventually lead to their termination. Their compulsions might also be triggered also on this case because they may tend to check on things and paper works from time to time and thus may commit mistakes in the end which is not of their own intention. Be aware and take notice of this situation.

Over estimation of responsibility also happens to OCD patients. They find themselves too much responsible for an occasion of an event that may happen. Because of this, if any emergency or failures that may happen along the way, they blame themselves too much. Because of this, they lose confidence on themselves which do not help in their obsessive and compulsive symptoms.

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