OCD Management and Work

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Severe OCD can become an unrelieved disorder for most people.

Active and proper management must be given. However, this does not mean that it can completely hinder an OCD to have a work or a job. There are physicians that provide intensive treatments for OCD persons that are already severe. They usually follow the development of OCD patients through long term treatment process. This is how important to have a constant communication with your physician and complying with the regimens given appropriately.

The medical health professional and physicians usually includes medication management to OCD patients. They also have exposure and response prevention on the management given as well as other ways to treat their anxiety. In this way, they can make observations and note those actions and causative things that may trigger the OCD symptoms that could eventually affect their work.

In work, the OCD patient must need to possess narrow intensity of their OCD symptoms.

The physicians usually will observe the improvement and the development of overcoming these OCD symptoms from their work. If there are things that need to be stopped, managed and corrected, their physician will do approach in dealing the things that triggers the symptom and help the patient to deal with it.

There can be times at middle of the treatment, the patient will stop and just choose to continue doing their work without treatment because they somehow struggle to recover their hopes for their future. It’s the physician’s responsibility on what to do in order to collaborate with the patient to keep the treatment and management to continue. There must be a realization with the OCD patient that the treatment they are undergoing could create an improvement in their life especially if they want to keep their job.

An effective management and treatment usually may cause positive results in the work performance of an OCD patient. With this, the self-esteem rises and they will be inspired to continue the treatments they are undergoing. Because it is well managed, the anxiety and structure of the challenge at work will be overcome in spite of the hindrance the OCD symptoms may cause.

A number of past OCD patients may be coming back to work with symptoms only in incomplete remission. They have the additional load of learning to do their job in spite of them undergoing it.  The OCD patients usually have to work or do their job for some reasons such as for their self-esteem to increase and dealing with their financial matters. However, there are feelings of impairment because of their symptoms that there’s great effort involved to do so.

OCD persons may be inspired and strengthened by knowing that when they work, they not only provide money and increase self – esteem, but that it may also lessen their OCD symptoms.

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