Overview of Developmental Theories

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

The theories of psychological development gave an outline about the human growth, development, and culture.

The psychological development theories also provide a set of guiding ideology and perception that illustrates human development.  However to some, these theories are considered as outdated and not complete on this current research. On the other hand, these theories are helpful to learn about the developmental growth of your child psychologically. You would learn how to deal with every milestone they will take.

The human psychological development is supported with theories given by major thinkers namely:

  1. Sigmund Freud – Psychoanalytic Theory

Sigmund Freud started the Psychoanalytic theories of development. He believed that the experience of early childhood had a lifelong effect on the course or path of development. The theories of Sigmund Freud helped in understanding and perceiving the sexuality and mental functioning development of an infant up to adult psychological sicknesses. He even influenced one of the famous theorist namely Erik Erikson that developed the Psychosocial theories of development.

         2. Erik Erikson – Psychosocial Theory

Erik Erikson’s typical work “Childhood and Society” lay down his theory of the life cycle. In his theory, he believed that the accomplishments and disappointments of earlier stages of development influence afterward stages, while afterward stages change and convert earlier ones.

He gave detail information about the 8 developmental stages including the physical, cognitive, and sexual changes. These developmental changes will merge to produce an internal predicament wherein the resolution results in either positive growth of developmental virtues or psychosocial regression.

         3. Jean Piaget – Cognitive Theory

Jean Piaget developed one of the most complete theories of cognitive development. The Cognitive theory focuses on the developmental thought process of an individual. It visualizes how these thought process of a person manipulate our understanding and interaction with other people. Jean Piaget projected an idea that helped transform and change how we think about the development of a child. According to him, “Children think differently than adults.” Jean Piaget made significant contributions to the understanding of normal and common intellectual development to us.

Further study with regards to psychological development theories could open up a deeper understanding that would help a lot in rearing up a certain individual. This may be taken for granted by others, but little did they know that having knowledge with regards to this gives a better understanding about human development.

These psychological development theories produced by our thinkers made a lot of impact in the understanding of psychological development of a person.

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