Parenting Children with OCD

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Parents serve as an assistant couch to their child with OCD.

It is always the parent’s role to follow up the development of their child’s disorder. They are the one who gives feed back, critics, and praise to every action their OCD child do. The correction and change starts when the parents give direction to do so. Like the normal child, the OCD children also undergo developmental changes in their emotional, mental, physical and social aspect that needs to be observed and followed up all the time.

As a parent, you must be consistent on the boundaries lifted and at the same time be sensitive whenever you give corrections or instructions. The tone of your voice must be considered especially if your OCD child is facing deep depression and is under tantrums at that moment. This would greatly help your OCD child especially in molding their behavior and character.

After school, it’s the parent’s responsibility to look over the child’s homework and school activities. A normal child needs guidance and help. How much more the child with OCD? They need to be assisted with love, patience, and understanding. Allow them to do one thing at a time until they finished all the things they have to do.

Having good personal hygiene is essential. However, for a child with OCD, it can be harmful.

Too much washing of hands using soap could irritate the skin of your child or causes the skin to dry up and may lead to injury on your OCD child. Guide them and oversee them every time they do their personal hygiene. Distract them in a positive way to stop the repetitive action.

Aiming parents of children with OCD and other anxiety disorders, is important. This could help both the family and especially the OCD child. It may not be that easy to do, but as a parent, you must learn on how to deal with it to help your OCD child particularly for their future.

As a parent of a child with OCD, you must frequently have to change your attention from one symptom to another as your child’s disorder increase, diminish or alter from one set of obsessions to another. For you to stay one step ahead of the OCD symptoms your child is having, it really helps to have constant learning and knowledge about the disorder from other parents, support groups and the resources accessible online and even in bookstore or your local library.

Parents can always be an effective coach for the development of their OCD child.

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