Physical and Emotional Stress in Marriage

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Can stress be dealt with in marriage?

Marriage life is reality based. Most of the couples that are at the peak of their emotions to get married jumped out to decide abruptly thinking that it’s like a fairy tale that everything is happy ever after. Well actually the way you carry out your marriage results in either it will be a success or a failure. However, you must know that in every marriage, stress is inevitable.

There will come a time that at some point of marriage life, stress rises. There are a lot of things to deal with when it comes to your marriage that you must not take for granted – physical and emotional stress.

Before marriage, you somehow encounter these stresses, but it’s a different thing when you’re already married. You both need to deal with it together.

Emotional Stress

In the long run of marriage, there may be a time that emotions may play on you. For girls they have this monthly period affected by change of hormones that result in mood swings or emotional change. A husband that went home late and drunk from work causes stress in her wife, thus in their marriage as well.

For men, in marriage they may face emotional stress through different needs that rises inside the home, especially if it includes finances. A husband having a nagging wife, that’s an emotional stress in their marriage life that he will bear. These are common causes of emotional stress that couples might encounter in their marriage.

What to do?

Give yourself time to talk and a time to speak out every problem that came along your marriage life. Wives must learn how to control their emotions in a way that will not affect the mood of the husband. Never nag, but instead show forth love and understanding towards your husband.

For the husband, in cases that emotional stress is at its peak, never hit your wife. Don’t give any reason for your wife to nag to you or the things you do. In marriage, respect is highly valuable. In cases that the other one is down, try to cheer him or her up. Never add up on emotional stress. Lighten up the mood so that your marriage may overcome this emotional stress through helping each other together.

Physical Stress

Marriage life includes work for you to live and provide for your family. For men, due to exhaustion from work, you can’t deny the fact that their physical bodies will be affected.

For wives, their household chores the whole day and dealing with different needs inside the home may cause physical stress.

What to do?

Give yourselves time-out. This means a time to enjoy and have fun! Your bodies are not machine that can’t feel tiredness or exhaustion. You both need a break. Go for a vacation together and make more memorable memories together other than work. Never overwork yourself because you both still need each other, growing old together strong. A happy marriage involves a healthy body together until your golden years.

Manage emotional and physical stress in your marriage to live long happy together!

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