Point of View on Treatment and Diagnosis for ADHD

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Ever since 1970s controversies exist regarding the treatment and diagnosis ADHD.

Issues concerning the disorder occupy the lives of parents, teachers, doctors, health takers, science and media. Beliefs about existence of ADHD come from not believing and conforming in it up to believing it based on genetic, psychological and environmental factors. On the other hand, disagreements have also been presented with regard to the use of medication on the ADHD’s patients.

ADHD is a classic example of the medicalization of a deviant behavior where a previous nonmedical condition is diagnosed to be a medical one.

The perception that children who do not sit still in school or who do not stop from talking or roaming around are sometimes not considered as factors leading to ADHD by some specialists. Their grounds for this issue are that though ADHD really exists, evidences relating to its biological factors have no yet been proven and clearly defined.

Another issue regarding the disorder is that the various and dynamic entry of treatments that are made available for the ADHD patients. The treatments presented are developed based on the involvement of the patient on his society and on how he reacts with his culture. There is additional information saying that ADHD is greatly influenced by the modern societal view of what is the standard attitude of divergence from the norm.

Some also say that the diagnosis of ADHD may root from the misunderstanding, misinterpretation and misconception of its symptoms by the health takers. With regard to the use of stimulant as ADHD’s medication, probable long term side effects of stimulants and on how they affect the patients condition are still unknown up to this days because of lack of research and study.

Others also consider the existence of the disorder and the use of stimulants as its mediation but still are quite hesitant with this treatment because information regarding the latter are still vague and have not been duly authorized and officially considered by science.

Diagnosis of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder differs on every nation, race and culture. Researchers presuppose that there are other factors that are associated with the development of the disorder on the patient.  These factors are not only comprised by neurological criteria but of some other basis that are yet to be discovered.

It is significant to seek medical health professionals’ opinions and facts in order for you not be mislead or misinformed regarding the ADHD case.

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