Points to Remember in Marriage Adjustments

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Marriage adjustments especially in early years of being together are challenging.

As couple enters marriage life together, they must face these challenges with love, respect, and understanding with each other. It may be easier said than done, but keep moving forward and make the right decision for your marriage relationship to work harmoniously.

Here are some points to remember in making adjustments in your marriage:

  • Married couples must know that as they enter marriage life, adjustment is to be expected. Changes happen like all of a sudden. The husband and the wife will both make adjustments physically, emotionally, financially, socially, and even spiritually. And in these adjustments, there are a lot that might happen between marriage relationships. Both of you must stay strong and putting your trust in God to keep this marriage relationship in the right track at all times. God is the builder of relationship and making Him the center of it all must be the primary thing to do.
  • Though adjustment is inevitable, just know that it has a purpose. Doing the wrong thing when problems come your way in your relationship is not the right thing to do at the moment. Whenever adjustment is needed, learn to go with the flow and move the right movement of the tide. A lot of things may happen, but make sure that you do things to keep your marriage relationship strong and happy. Open communication could help a lot in this matter. Never allow to end the day not fixing what’s needed to be fixed whenever misunderstanding comes. The purpose of this adjustment mainly to change you both in the responsible person you must be in. At important events of your life, God will use your marriage to reveal to you how to love the unlovely.
  • As marriage progress, you will find out more about your partners character. These characters can either be positive or negative. The negative ones usually will be the cause of disagreements and misunderstanding. This is part of your adjustment. You can’t change your partner in one day nor shouting at him or her every time you don’t like what he or she’s doing. The bible says God’s grace could always change things for the better. Ask for God’s help on how to deal with your spouse’s character. Always communicate with your partner and be open-minded on how to deal with certain situations to avoid further misunderstanding. It takes two to tango; so the two of you must settle your differences as part of your adjustment together, the right way.

These points can be a great suggestion when it comes to adjustment period of your marriage together, but you still need to make a strong commitment to do it not one time but every day of your life. Always consider your spouse as your partner not your enemy. Your marriage was being bond by God and though there are adjustments to be made, you can always work it out.  Humbleness and love could always help you out in dealing with the adjustments in your marriage life.

Don’t allow marriage adjustments to ruin what you’ve started together.

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