Prayers for your Marriage

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Marriage is a sacred thing – a holy matrimony.

Lots of couple get married for reasons that not including God as the centre of it all. However you must know that marriage is a strong bond God made for two couples to become one. Prayer is a powerful act in marriage. We can’t deny the fact that problems may occur along the way, also including sickness and illnesses, stress, and a lot more. Though natural remedy such as communication and fixing the problem can somehow solve it, but there are things that prayers can do and go beyond in your marriage. This is not something to take for granted.

There are a lot of things to be prayed for, but here are some of the things that you can pray about your marriage:

  • Pray for strength.

Every marriage can undergo different circumstances that would make you tired. This is not just about in marriage relationship but this includes everything within- your family, work, financial status, and problems that may come. Rest can compensate with your physical exhaustion. This is same us with bonding and communication can suffice emotional stress. But there would always be something missing – prayer. Pray for everyday strength from God that will bring joy and inner power that can make your marriage life together strong as ever.

  • Pray for patience.

The real personalities are revealed the moment you are living together as one. Patience can be hard sometimes, but if you pray about it, God will surely grant it. Pray that in everything you both do in your marriage life together includes patience to wait for something that you long for each other.

  • Pray for love and unity.

Marriage life must have consistent love and unity. Pray that God will continue to be the centre of your marriage relationship and allowing love and unity to flow between you and your partner not just for a season but for a lifetime. Though love is something to be act upon and nurtured, remember that prayers can make it efficient and stronger.

  • Pray for good health.

A healthy marriage includes a healthy couple. Whenever sicknesses or illnesses may come your way, pray that God will heal you. He is the great healer and nothing is impossible with Him. You must keep yourselves healthy as marriage life grows. You both need it until your golden years. So pray about it and never cease to believe that God will give it you.

  • Pray for your finances.

Working in the secular world for your marriage life is needed. However, when it comes to finances, you need God. Prayers can bridge connections that will make your finances in your marriage relationship move smoothly. So pray and allow God to help you with your finances.

If you want miracles to happen in your marriage life, pray without ceasing.

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