Psychotherapy for ADHD Children Together with Parents

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

ADHD–  Parenting Skills–Boundaries

There are various existing therapies and treatment given to ADHD patients depending on their symptoms experienced.

Consulting a physician would definitely give you proper and right kind of therapy for ADHD patients. One therapy made available and recommended to ADHD patients is the psychotherapy. There are various types of psychotherapy given to patients depending on their inattention and hyperactivity cases. In cases where children are suffering from the disorder, behavioral therapy program which is under the psychotherapy is recommended.  Behavioral therapy presents programs and activities that may lessen the symptoms of the disorder and or alter the behavior of the ADHD patient.  ADHD Children under this psychotherapy of behavioral program are taught of self –organization with regard to their school work and house chores and the accomplishments of those in a manner that they can cope with their inattention and hyperactivity.  Therapists and health specialists are not the ones who are only involved in this treatment of the disorder. Also, parents, teachers and school counselors are tasked to assist their ADHD children and student to comply with the required activities of the therapy. They are also given the responsibility to check on the patient from time to time so as to record progress or any changes in the behavior of the concerned child.

Common skills taught to children are to share their toys with their playmates, managing their behavior every time friends or schoolmates bully or tease them. When it comes to their social aspect, they are being taught on how to read facial expressions and are taught on how to modulate their voice depending on the occasion or situation.

Parents and family members are very important individuals in this therapy for their ADHD child.

They are always with the child most of the times. Children diagnosed with ADHD needs the support and guidance of their parents and teachers. Family members may feel disappointments, anger and blame because of the situation of the child with the disorder. This is a wrong understanding of the matter. Family members must not show their weak points and instead must motivate the child and give him strength that his disorder will eventually be cured. ADHD Children  are not only those who are in need of therapy. Parents at the same time are trained and educated on how to manage their child’s behavior and on how to cope with their own emotions with regard to their child’s condition. This is really helpful for both the ADHD patient and the parents.

It’s never easy to both ADHD child and parents, but you can always do it one step at a time.

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