Reason Behind Bullying

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

The act of bullying does not make one superior or the other superior.

Some may perceive that the person being bullied is the aggrieved party. This belief is definitely wrong. Both sides involve when bullying is done with both the aggrieved party. Even the person initiating the act of bullying does not make him self superior of the other. On the other hand, the person being bullied of must not be claimed as inferior or weak.

There are various explanations on why and how bullying happens.

It is commonly presumed that the doer of the bullying is somehow seen to be as gangster. This is true in some cases. Yet, on the other hand, the doer of the act may also have the feeling of inferiority that is why they shift the feeling in to bullying to conceal their real personality.  Also, there are some who lacks attention at home and in school and, thus, resort to bullying others. For the latter reason, they feel that they have much attention of everybody because they are on top of the situation. Also, individuals who lack attention, most especially of their parents, may think of ways of catching their attention like doing something naughty in school and bullying is top on the list at all times.

On the other hand, when the word bullying is first heard, it usually gives a negative impact. This will never be absolute. Individuals who do the act of bullying usually experience problems at home or problems within themselves.  In order to avoid this act, or in any manner may lessen the behavior, parents must keep monitor and control of their children and have them raised in a proper manner because everything starts at home. Behaviors in school only follows and children who have been properly raised at home cannot be easily influenced or be engaged in any improper or unethical activities in school and anywhere else.

When children or adolescence are caught bullying others, they should not be out rightly punished. The first consideration is to ask them in a way that they will not be offended. Imposing strict rules on them may not always help but can instead even make them rebel and be full with complains and disobedience. Also, teachers must see to it that students who bully their classmates must be properly guided and be given much attention. The school’s guidance counselor can also initiate a one on one conversation with the concerned student and may result better if parents will also cooperate with the situation.

Know the reason behind bullying and learn on how to stop it.

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