Suggestions on How to Manage Finances in Marriage

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Marriage life involves facing financial needs.

Most of the time nowadays, finances can be the root cause of marriage problems. Though money can’t buy love, it can ruin your marriage life without proper management of it. As early as now, you need to handle it well and face it as a significant part of your marriage life.

Here are some of suggestions on how to manage your finances in marriage:

  • Be honest and transparent about your financial income to each other.

Though it may not be applicable to all, this can be an effective tool on how to deal with your finances in your marriage life. Knowing each other’s financial income will give you both knowledge on up to what extent you can spend and plan for your needs and wants. This will also avoid any doubts from both sides if where the money went. On the other hand to some couples, this may not be applicable because of responsibility issues. The other partner may not be that mature enough in handling finances compared to the other. However, you must work it out. You will live and plan together for your future. Dishonesty and secrets in financial aspect may affect your marriage relationship.

  • Learn to prioritize things.

Prioritization is important in marriage life especially in financial condition. Buy what you need the most before the things that you want that is not needed at the moment. Learn to prioritize financial payments. Give priority to your basic needs like food. Then you bills and comfort needs of your family. When you learn to prioritize things, this will help you see the need and will avoid compromise that can be the cause of conflict in the later end of your marriage life.

  • Pay your bills on time.

Bills are the hidden culprit in your finances if not managed well. Be diligent and punctual in paying your bills. This is monthly, so make schedules out of it in order for you to know how much to set aside every payday in order to keep away from overspending and compromising that bill payments. Paying your bills on time will avoid piling of payments that may cause your marriage life conflicts in the long run.

  • Listing down of all your debts and do budgeting.

Human as we are, we do tend to forget things even our own debts and their due dates. One way to manage well your finances is when you know all your debts and its due dates. When you see the list, you will be aware with your expenses and bills to pay for. You can budget then your needs that helps a lot in financial handling. These are ways to avoid piling up of your expenses and over spend your budget for the month.

You can start being responsible in your marriage life by managing your finances to reach your goals one step at a time without any hassle or problem.

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