Time Management in Marriage Relationship

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Time management in marriage is a vital part in a relationship in order for it to grow and stay long.

Adjustments are inevitable after marriage. There are a lot of responsibilities to take care of and time consuming schedules to fill in. Pressures and stress are gradually rising as time goes by that needs to be coped up with time. However, if you really value your relationship together in your marriage, you will always find ways and means to give time to each other. This will make one feel special and very much appreciated. Manage well your time together to avoid conflicts that may lead to deeper disagreements and would be a problem in the future.

Here are some ways on how to manage your time together in your marriage life:

  • Learn to prioritize things.

Learn to what’s more important, your career, money or your marriage relationship? Value and put in top priority your marriage life together. Talk with each other about the things you need to do first. Plan it out together so you can save time and manage it well as time goes by.

  • Setting your schedules and writing it down.

Write down your schedules at home, work, and other events that you may attend to. Through this, you will know where to insert your date and time together. Make sure to set a date in advance for the two of you in order that no compromises may arise.

  • Set a date or quality time together once a week.

Though you’re always together at home, with busy schedules at work you will always feel that there is missing in your marriage life together – quality time. Never end the romantic dates you once have before your marriage. Give time to each other and make it special even it is only once a week. Set the date and make sure that it will be a great night filled with fun and love. This will surely keep your marriage relationship strong.

  • Never forget special events in your life together.

Due to busy schedules, there will be times that you will forget even the special events in your life including the birthdays and anniversaries. However, this must not be tolerated. This happens once a year and you both need to value it. Same goes with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Spend it together with your family and friends. This will break the ice of the monotonous routine of your marriage life.

  • Be there when your partner needs you the most.

Spend time with your partner when he or she needs you the most. Never allow any other things or circumstances to come your way when your spouse needs you. Manage your time wisely, choose who is in priority. You will never regret it once you give your best time to your partner especially during these times.

 Managing your time together could help your marriage relationship even in little ways you will surely appreciate in the future.

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