Ways on How To Show Kindness

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

ADHD children should be expected to show kindness!

A child that has a warm and kind heart creates an environment that is healthy to everyone. Oftentimes, we are experiencing chaos around us but showing kindness will lessen the burdens and problems. It is important that even when you are still a child, you learn the ways on how to show kindness everyday and how to spread that kindness. These helpful ways will teach you on how you motivate your self and eventually practice these ways in your everyday life.

Speak gently and be positive always. Wherever you are, you must speak in a gentle but clear voice. You must encourage others with your positive words. This will lift them up with whatever problems they have.

Help people without thinking of rewards. When you help others, your intention is to lessen other people’s burden. When you are rewarded, you must thank them but do not always expect that you will receive something because you have helped someone.

Forgive others of their mistakes. You must be patient with other people’s imperfections. You must forgive if someone has done something wrong to you. No one is perfect and we are capable of making mistakes in our lives.

Do not be self-centered. You must not think of yourself alone. You must put the needs and desires of others before your own. You must think of others’ welfare. When you decide on something, always make sure that you are not hurting someone’s feelings.

Share what you have with others. When you have food and toys, do not hesitate to share them with your friends. You will make them happy and you will feel the joy when you are sharing.

Show politeness and courtesy all the time. When your parents ask you to do something, you must do it willingly. You should not complain and murmur while doing it. Saying good morning, hi, hello, thank you, welcome and please are examples or showing courtesy to others. Make it a habit to be courteous everyday.

Avoid saying bad things behind other person’s back. Gossiping is not a healthy habit. It will make you into a negative person and it destroys the reputation of others Talking pleasant things about a person is a healthier one.

Even if you have ADHD or OCD you are expected to use random acts of kindness!

Be honest at all times. Always tell the truth because when you are used to lying even on little things, you will eventually get used to it. When you have done something wrong, you must admit it. You must not put the blame on others. Do not cover up other’s mistakes. When you do so, you are tolerating the wrong practices of other people.

ADHD Children Are Expected to Love Unconditionally!

You must love unconditionally. Show your love everyday to your parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors and friends. Everyday is a chance to express what you feel towards them. Try to resolve conflicts immediately. Do not allow gaps between you and your loved ones stay longer. Be quick to love and slow to anger. Love one another despite of all the hardships, differences and trials that might come along the way. Always find time to be happy and share memorable moments with your loved ones even if you have ADHD or OCD or Aspergers.

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