What Anger Can Do To You

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Anger can give you stress in your physical, emotional and mental health.

When you are not able to control it, it will you negative effects that would not be unhealthy for you. Everyday, we face different people, places and circumstances and it is sometimes unavoidable that we become upset or angry.  It is important that you learn how to control your anger and move into a more positive direction.

Here are the negative effects that anger can give you.

In the physical aspect, anger triggers a burst of energy from your body. Suddenly, you will feel tired and lazy to do something. Because of this, you will miss doing some of your important daily activities. You will look sad and frustrated the whole day. When you think you are about to burst out, you can take a few steps. You should calm yourself and let the feelings subside. Do not let anger control you or you may end up shouting at someone or even hurting him or her. Try to express what you feel to people whom you are comfortable with. You must divert your attention to things you love doing. This will make you more relaxed.

In the emotional aspect, anger can give you frustration and self-worthlessness. You will begin to feel that all people are the same. You will begin to become less friendly. When you become too emotional, you begin to feel bad about yourself and towards others. A person who is angry and stressed often becomes too emotional, anxious, irritable and even depressed. In order to overcome those negative feelings, you can apply some relaxation methods like deep breathing and meditation. Exercise and sports are also useful ways to cope with stress. Learn to appreciate the positive things you have in your life and begin to see things in another perspective.

In the mental aspect, anger can lead you to think of so many useless things. When not properly controlled, anger can make you feel that life is unfair. You begin to see that the world is full of negative things. You must remind yourself that anger is not going to fix anything. It won’t make you feel better. It will actually make you feel worse. You must control the way you think. You must tell yourself that at the moment, you are under a rough situation but it doesn’t mean that it will go on forever. Learn to accept that everyday is not a perfect day, so there are times that you will get upset, irritated, annoyed or hurt. What is important is that you learn from your experiences and you become stronger and wiser each day.

Stop that anger and start to forgive.

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