What Do ADHD Kids Act Inside the Classroom?

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

A child with ADHD needs special care, love and attention.

Every parent, teacher and family member needs to take an important part in the treatment of the disorder.  Every aspect of the child, physical, mental, emotional and physical must be carefully managed and studied so as to help him in his condition.

Children diagnosed with ADHD have the right to have special services or accommodations and attention at school under the Individuals and Disabilities in Education Act or commonly known as IDEA. They have also the right to an anti-discrimination law of Section 504. Both of these entitle children with ADHD to live as normal as any children not identified with the disorder. Parents and teachers are also responsible to monitor and guide their children in and out the school and home.

System of rewards best results when done to ADHD patients.

Other than reward and consequence system, there are also other tips and recommendations that can be done at school that can ease the ADHD.  Lessen seating distractions can help. This can be done by situating the child near the teacher for a close monitoring rather than near the window or door. Another is using an assignment folder for parent and teacher communication. This serves as a folder of documentations on the update of the child with ADHD all coming from the joint assistance of parents and teachers. Breaking down and making assignments into a simpler one will help children to develop their mental capacity in a way that it can cope with ADHD.  This tip includes making clear and short instructions that children can easily grasp and understand. Giving of positive reinforcement will help the child in having a pleasant disposition and optimism in life despite his condition. Appreciation of the child’s work will help a lot in this situation rather than criticizing and rejecting his works. Children with ADHD must also be taught of an effective study habit. Jutting down notes, underlining and highlighting important details can help the child maintain his concentration in his studies. Consistent supervision and monitoring of the child at home and in school will do better. Though the child must be supervised, it must not be so strict. It also better to have the child paired with a friend or somebody whom he can relate to. Another is being sensitive to the child with ADHD’s self-esteem. The child’s deficiencies and incapability must be addressed in a manner that will not make his self-value less.

Tasks that are too difficult for ADHD kids must be avoided inside the classroom as well.

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