What happens after the Grandparents assume the Role of a Parent?

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Evidently, grandparents can be very influential and dominant in their grandchildren’s lives.

This is whether they give or provide care, love, needs or live close by or far away from their grandchildren. There are many reasons why they need to take the responsibility of a parent. This could be due to physical, emotional, or financial reasons.

However, what happens when grandparents assume the role of parent for their grandchildren?

As grandparents, they usually foresee later life as a time to enjoy their life together with their children and grandchildren without any responsibilities involved. However, due to circumstances, they took the role of the parent. With this, they need to adjust their behavior or attitude towards many things life. Since they need to provide the basic and the major needs of their grandchildren, it may take a lot of effort and adjustment in this new role and in planning life. They will adjust from career change as a caretaker, changes to location and their lifestyle, and financial matters.

It’s fulfilling to become a parent. However, in grandparent’s part, as they took over the responsibility, they somehow achieve a greater purpose in their own lives. Through this, they have reasons to wake up each day as they have responsibilities to do. As they love their grandchildren, they found joy and love in their hearts. They may consider their grandchildren as their strength to continue life even at their older years. According to research, grandmothers are usually taking the most care of their grandchildren.

The grandparents assume many roles as they take the responsibility.  Some of them are day care grandparents for they give daily care for an extended period. There are grandchildren that live with their grandparents but without any legal custody which referred to as living-with grandparents. There are those however that obtained legal responsibility for the grandchildren which is called custodial grandparents. Whatever it is referred to, grandparents will take the responsibility when the need arises.

As the grandparents rearing their grandchildren regardless of legal or just as help reasons, the effect in lifestyle, friendships, family, and marriage is there. Even though this is a new role to grandparents, most of them still are enjoying life with their grandchildren.

A greater purpose in life is at most anticipated as when grandparents assume the role of a parent.


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