Why Communication Is Important For Kids

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

Communication is very important everywhere you go.

Through it, you will be able to receive information and express your feelings. Being able to communicate at an early age is very advisable for you will be able to build relationships with other children, your family and other people in the community. Communication is a two-way process. It is not only talking all the time but also listening to others. When you communicate, it also involves having the proper gesture and attentive participation into the conversation. Here are some points on why effective communication is important for you kids.

Communication is a source of important information. News papers, TV news channels, magazines and Internet are examples of communication. Through these mediums, you will be able to learn important news, events and facts. You will be able to learn important ideas that are very helpful to your health, school and community.

Communication is a way to express emotion, ideas and expressions. It allows you to express whatever you feel at the moment. When you communicate, it would be very interesting and enjoyable if you put your expression into it. People would find it enjoyable if you communicate very well. It also allows you to share whatever ideas or knowledge you have with other people. When you are down or sad, it really helps if you communicate and express your emotion. It would be a way to find solution to a problem or find comfort from a certain person.

Communication is a medium for education.

It is a tool used by your parents and teachers to disseminate information to you. When the communication is effective, you will be able to learn new and valuable things that you can keep until you grow up.

Communication builds relationship. When you express your ideas and feelings, your relationship with your family and friends become stronger. You will avoid any misunderstanding that would create gaps between you. Communication acts as a bridge between two people in order for them to resolve any issues or problems. If you learn to communicate, you will have a healthy and lasting relationship with your loved ones.

Communication entertains you. It gives you information that you can enjoy and take interest into. It also enables you to receive variety of information and knowledge that encourages you to be creative and resourceful. It does not only entertain you but also educate you in such a way that you find it very enjoyable.

Communication helps in decision making. When you are good in communicating with others, you develop the skill of being a good decision maker. Through the ideas you learn from others like your family and friends, you become more equipped. You will then develop the confidence that will help you to make good decisions in your life.

With good communication skills, you can take better control of the situation and you will become a successful individual in the future.


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