Wife’s Role in Marriage

John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

What’s the role of the wife in marriage?

After marriage, a single lady who used to do things on her own will make a lot of adjustments for her husband. As a wife, you have many roles to take responsibility over your marriage life. A wonderful marriage is teamwork with your husband. This means you as a wife must do something as well to make your marriage work.

Here are the following roles a wife must do in marriage:

1. Be a helpmate to your husband.

A woman is made by God in the first place to be a help over her husband. This means, in every situation you will always be at his back to care, love, and help starting in your marriage life together. You must be his number 1 supporter in every challenge and accomplishments he faces. God designed you to help your husband to become the person God wants him to be.

2. Respect your husband.

As a wife, your husband must be the one over you. There are times that the wife got the stronger personality compared to her husband. However, never make this an excuse to go beyond your limits over his authority. Learn to respect, honor, and regard him as he is the head over your marriage and soon to be family.

3. Submit to your husband.

This is one of God’s commandments to wives. According to the bible, “Wives must be subject to your husband as is right and fitting and your proper duty in the Lord (Colossians 3:18).” Part of being getting tied up with your husband is your lifetime submission over him. In most areas especially in decision making, a wife must give utmost consideration over her husbands’ decision. Never dominate over his authority in your marriage life and especially when you will have your children and start your family someday. 

4.  Love your husband.

In order for a marriage to work well for a lifetime, there must be give and take especially when it comes to love. A wife must show love to his husband at all times. Sometimes problems occur when a wife is no longer showing affection and love over her husband. This would tempt your husband to seek satisfaction and love over someone else. Never give the devil a foothold to ruin your marriage by taking for granted the very main ingredient of your marriage, love.

5. Be a friend to your husband.

Most of marriage relationship that bound it with friendship lasts long. You husband may probably want to stay out and have fun with others because you’re no fun at all or you’ve never been there to be his friend. Be a friend to your husband. Don’t dwell pushing yourself to focus on many responsibilities at home and work and taking for granted the friendship you both have developed before. This will save your marriage from a lot of problems when you are always there for him not only as a wife but as a friend as well.

Be the best wife for your husband in your marriage life together!

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