John Neyman Jr
Dr. John is a counselor and therapist to ADHD children and their parents

“Awesome teaching and information” PB

“John gave us practical information to use and easy steps to make it happen.” AA

Alderson-Broaddus College
Philippi, WV 26416
March 26, 2013

Rev. John Neyman, Jr.
Pastor, Homewood Baptist Church
Ford City PA 16226

Dear Rev. Neyman,
I am writing to say that the sermon you presented in our campus-wide chapel service recently was one of the best in the college’s proud 142 year history. I have heard so many good comments about it from students, who continue to discuss it days after it was delivered.

Your message was important and told the timeless story of God’s grace to us and the path to salvation. But it was also relevant, up to the moment and directly applicable to the students’ everyday lives, as they plan for the future and look for God’s special purpose for them in the world.

Your sermon was well written, well organized, superbly presented and easily understandable. Your recounting of your own Christian walk and the saving power of Jesus Christ in your life had a great and powerful and positive impact on the students. Your advice to them to enunciate and share their dreams and to follow God’s leading hand in their lives gave a real sense of purpose and mission to many.

I hope that you will continue to serve as a guest speaker in college chapel services, both back here and wherever the opportunity presents itself. Any college, and any group of students, would benefit enormously from hearing your story. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.


Dr. Kenneth H. Yount
Professor of Political Science and History
2012 Outstanding Professor of the Year
Alderson-Broaddus College

The Pastor got some great feedback from Teddy who was at the seminar , Teddy is one who is not critical but always has something to improve things type of statements. Teddy said it was great! Maybe next time we will use the microphone. All of the people in attendance are encouraged and are eager to
take on the homework. You moved about 4 moms to tears -Sunday I was rushed after church with tearful thank yous and women stating how bad they needed the seminar. Also, I think the advice to ask God to forgive you and fill you up was
the most powerful part of the workshop. I very much thank you for the discount speaking. You delivered a quality presentation to an audience in dire need of your wisdom. My pastor mentioned that when churches do not charge for events
people fail to see the value and keep to the commitment they made to attend, next time he will most likely charge. He is talking to the families that did not show. However, we did not want anyone to miss because they are in a hardship
and there were a few that fit that profile. I am glad that the church decided to open it up to couples because out of 40 invitations and 2 newspaper adds for single moms, 1 single mom showed up. I have no doubt that God’s word showed up
at the event and touched some hearts.

We are the parents of a 6 year old, 7 year old, and 4 year
old. Our youngest two children have behavioral problems. I should say had. John came into our home and helped us show them what they were doing wrong but yet also giving them praise. So we would fill their attention meters. The bad
attention acting out has gone down and the kids listen on 1 to 2 prompts. It has helped with the kids behavior. We use this and everything else we have learned from John.

Thank you,

The Nickels


Thank you for everything you have done for us. You have
taught us so much and there has been such a change in the kids.

4 years ago I didn’t think I would be able to handle Sarah (
our daughter). Then when Tommy ( our youngest son) started with the same behaviors I just didn’t know what I had done wrong cause because Mary (their oldest sister) didn’t act that way. I blamed myself and didn’t think I was a
good parent. But through you and Renee  (your staff) I have got the confidence back and what you have taught me and my
husband we are able to handle the everyday stuff and so is Sarah and Tommy.

We thank you for that and could never repay for giving me
the confidence to be a mom and giving Sarah and Tommy the ability to cope and handle their frustrations in a better way.


Martha and Tom

“As a Dad he was always there for us, when I was 5 my baseball team needed a coach and he learned about the game so that he could coach for us. He taught all 3 of us kids valuable lessons that we carry throughout our lives.“ Phil

“My Dad didn’t just provide for his children, but he instilled principles in us for life. He created an atmosphere that was loving and we grew up knowing we were loved. Growing up my dad wasn’t simply a father. He was a role model and an example. He provided far much more than our physical needs. My dad instilled into us that we all mattered. He taught us how to live virtuously. I’m the woman today because of the patience and love of my father.” Thanks Dad. Laura

“Even if we didn’t realize it you [dad] were always there for us and you had our best interests in mind” Matt

“John, I think God has a reason for every…thing and there is a reason you were put in our lives. Out of all of the help we could have gotten we were given you, and you have blessed my son [who has high functioning autism with your patience and your teachings. You have reached him when no others could. He has blossomed under your direction unlike no others. I watch you with him and I see the boy that was trapped inside emerge, it is wonderful. My family is not broken but it is not blended as it should be. In order to help my son further I need to glue the rest of the family together but I do not know how to do that. Maybe You were the answer to my prayers for myself and the rest of my family and not only just for my son. It must be wonderful to be blessed with a talent such as yours. May God continue to bless you. Stay safe in your travels and I hope you are enjoying your time off. We miss you!”…SJ

“John entered our home and found a defiant and destructible child. He has spent many days and nights with us and even has taken our child to school in the morning cause he wouldn’t get up.  John had faith where as the mom I didn’t. He has changed my outlook on how to handle my child, and his actions. The atmosphere at home has changed dramatically. My son is so much calmer which makes mom calm and less stressed. John is a wonderful and generous person . When the time comes we will hate to see him go. He has helped us in a way that is totally and greatly appreciated.” AD

Dear John,

I want to thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into helping our family. Your CD proved to be very helpful. It gave many good hints on how to help us, but it also showed what a wise man you are in helping a family in crisis. I appreciate all the kindness and compassion that you have shown. There is a dramatic change in our little man’s behavior and attitude. We owe that to you. You do go above and beyoond the call of duty. Again, I want to thank you for working your magic.  Sincerley, ST 3-30-11

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